5 Reasons To Wear Sexy Zombie Costumes

Zombies are every where. They’re in the news, movies, television, and even local parties. Men and women of all ages are participating. Sexy zombie costumes take this field to a new and enticing level. Dressing up in a favorite costume is a wonderful way to express yourself and love for this popular craze. Below are some recommendations to add more excitement to your life.


1. To be a real or pretend groom

White tuxedos exude elegance and sex appeal. Take that tuxedo and add a dirty look, black vinyl lapels, skull buttons plus tattered hems and you have a zombie groom. This costume comes complete with a filthy looking shirt dickie and matching black vinyl bow tie. You will need to supply your own pair of black pants to complete the ensemble. Wear a black rose in your tux pocket to make a fashion statement.

2. To be a real or pretend bride

A zombie bride ensemble takes sexiness to a new level. Weddings, Halloween and other costume-related events are perfect for women wanting to put a new twist on traditional wedding outfits. Take on the persona of a sexy bride by wearing the Marry Me Dead ensemble. This double-strapped costume exudes sexiness by showing plenty of leg. The dirty looking white dress has some black stitches to add an extra flair. No bridal outfit is complete without a veil. Luckily, a sheer veil is included with this sexy costume package. You need to supply the pantyhose or fishnet stockings, and shoes.

3. To attend a zombie-themed wedding

Dressing up in your favorite zombie Halloween costume can be the perfect way to attend one of these themed weddings. Some wedding organizers may even recommend guests dress this way.

Men would fit in perfectly by dressing up in a Zombie Shawn costume. This gory looking outfit looks like a suit that’s been through the sawmill. It comes complete with a black jacket that has an attached tattered shirt. The exposed organs add extra gore. Don’t forget to wear the matching frayed pants to complete the picture.

Women can dress up as a member of the living dead. Do this by wearing a sexy layered black dress that’s covered in tattered gauze. The long sleeves look torn and frayed, yet enhance the costume’s sexiness. Add to the total zombie look by putting on the ripped-apart footless black tights. Add your favorite pair of black high heels to the ensemble and you are bound to have others talking.

4. For promotional events

Zombies are taking over the business world. Increasing numbers of businesses have product lines developed to satisfy this specialized crowd. This even includes a zombie-themed wedding package available in Las Vegas. You know something is popular when this tourism capital jumps on board. Product lines can be anything from zombie make-up to wedding packages. Getting involved with one of these firms can be a fantastic way to earn money while wearing your favorite costume.

5. To be a movie extra

Zombie-related movies are increasing in numbers daily. All movies use extras to add ambiance and background. Check with theater publications, both online and offline, to find out when producers are looking for extras. Being a movie zombie is a profitable way to dress up in your favorite costume and makeup.

Dressing up in your favorite zombie costume is a great way to share the passion with fellow enthusiasts. It is a fantastic way to step out of the ordinary and have fun doing it. Dealing with a reputable costume provider will save time, money and frustration.

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